• Rachel Kennedy - Equine Science

    I enrolled in the BSc in Equine Science in UL because I wanted to spend my time at university doing something that interested me and that I was passionate about. I was hoping the course would lead to me having both the knowledge and experience to progress in the Irish Equine industry. At the time I was not sure what part of the industry I would most like to be involved with.

    The course is very broad and covers a lot of different subjects over the four years. There is a mix of science, business and equine (inc. one half day per week in Clonshire Riding School) modules for the first two years and in year 2 students must choose an elective. The options are Business and Equitation. I chose Business as I felt it would be more beneficial to me in the future. Equitation involves continuing to work hands on with horses and teaching practice, ideal for someone thinking about becoming a riding instructor.

    My favourite thing about the course was the Co-operative Education which takes place in year 3. This means spending 8 months working out in the industry. I worked in a racing yard in Co. Kildare for the 8 months and it was great opportunity to learn how things are done in another yard. I returned to work in the same yard after I finished my degree. Other areas some of my classmates went to included stud farms, riding schools, show jumping/eventing yards and the Irish Equine Centre. I found the experience to be very educational; even now I find things that I learned during the course being of great use to me.

    I would recommend the BSC in Equine Science in UL to anyone who might not be sure exactly which area of the industry they want to be involved with or might be best suited to. The degree is a great foundation for any young person looking to make a career for themselves in the Irish Equine Industry.

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