- Information and access for those trying to get into the industry. 

- Education and training for those trying to get on in the industry. 

- Health and wellbeing services for everyone who wants it.

'We are the People Behind the People in the Irish Horse Racing & Breeding Industry'

Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) is committed to supporting and developing education and training opportunities at every level of the industry. Through equuip, HRI will ensure that relevant and appropriate training and development opportunities are available to all in the industry, if you currently work in the racing industry and are interested in upskilling then check out the Education & Training Grant programme, we have also introduced an Industry Assistance Programme to help take the strain when you need some extra support.

If you are a licensed professional Jockey then check out The Jockey Pathway, it aims to ensure that all Jockeys working in Ireland will have access to a professional support system.

If you are interested in a career in the racing industry why not drop us a line at equuip@hri.ie with any queries you may have, we are only too happy to help in any way we can.

In the meantime follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date with all developments.

Three Key Pillars


We will deliver the attraction element of our strategy through the following:

  • Build effective partnerships with education providers, career guidance counsellors, pony clubs, riding schools, & urban equine groups.
  • Establish strong industry presence at career events and on careers portals/platforms.
  • Partner with schools and colleges to develop educational programmes.
  • Develop a multifaceted TY programme.
  • Marketing campaigns utilising social media to engage with potential employees.
  • Develop an industry induction programme.
  • Support RACE with the Junior Academy days & summer camp.
  • Work with Teagasc to drive industry related apprenticeship programmes
  • Explore alternative approaches to encourage diversity.


We will deliver on this element of our strategy through:

  • Establish training needs to inform solutions & delivery mechanisms.
  • Provide relevant & accessible industry specific development programmes.
  • Collaborate with 3rd level institutions to create modular based, blended learning solutions.
  • Regional approach working closely with ETBs, Local Enterprise Offices, Teagasc, and other government agencies.
  • Ensure best utilisation of expertise, resources, & facilities.Invest in an online learning platform to ensure nationwide reach & standardised delivery.
  • Alignment with the Equine Welfare agenda.


We will deliver this through the following work:

  • Prioritise business and management skills for employers.
  • Provide a fit for purpose industry assistance programme as a welfare support.
  • Provide financial support for further education through educational grants.
  • Provide training and resources to improve employment standards.
  • Develop resources in relation to legislation; health and safety and safeguarding.
  • Focus on retaining people with experience within the industry through cross-skilling.
  • Develop career pathways to depict the variety and options available for a long & successful career in the industry.