Mental Health Awareness & Wellbeing

Equuip are delighted to offer a new suite of 1.5 hour online mental health and wellbeing awareness workshops, in conjunction with the Dennison Training Academy.  

PLEASE NOTE:You must work in the Irish Racing and Breeding industry to be eligible for these courses. Applicants should note that while we will try to facilitate all applicants, we might not be in a position to do so.

These awareness workshops will be delivered by Louise Dennison (founder of the Dennison Training Academy,) via MS Teams and the format caters for all learning styles with opportunities to participate, discuss scenarios and practice skills. Louise will provide a comfortable online learning environment is trained to support your participation and learning.


We will start the series with the first awareness session topic which is:-  Mental Health Awareness

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We will continue the series with four more awareness session topic which will be:-  Understanding Stress, Understanding Anxiety, Understanding Depression & Understanding Eating Disorders. 


Phase 2


Stress plays a role in 75%- 90% of ALL human diseases. Learners will be given an insight on what exactly happens internally when we get stressed. On this micro module we look at what is Stress and why is it a Problem. The course will also discuss:


               • The causes and of stress.

               • What the symptoms of Stress are?

               • The Law on Stress and its Contravention.

               • We will also cover proven methods on minimising the risk of stress.

               • Ways to create stress reduction in the workplace.


               Course Format:

               Duration              1.5 hours   

               Online                  Via MS Teams



Phase 3: 

We will continue the series with the third awareness session topic which will be:-  Understanding Anxiety



On this 1.5-hour micromodule, learners will explore what it means to have anxiety and how anxiety can be identified. We will cover essential information for every anxious person. The course will also discuss:


  • Proven techniques that help individuals manage their anxiety.
  • What exactly is going on in your body when anxiety overwhelms you and why it reacts like this – understanding lessens the fear.
  • A range of relaxation procedures to free up your brain and help you think more clearly.
  • How to use the positive power of your imagination to manage your thoughts and feelings and change your experience of stress and in appropriate anxiety.
  • The natural survival mechanisms that you can harness to help you.


               Course Format:

               Duration              1.5 hours   

               Online                  Via MS Teams


We will continue the series with the fourth awareness session topic which will be:-  Understanding Depression


Phase 4


This Understanding Depression Micromodule aims to give your learners the knowledge they need to understand the causes and effects of anxiety, along with its management. The course will also discuss:

  • Essential new information on why people become depressed.
  • A better understanding of what depression really is.
  • Why depression is on the increase and how to diagnose it.
  • Clear explanations of symptoms and strategies for successful treatment of depression will be given.
  • Practical help to quickly break the patterns of depression and how to prevent relapse.
  • We will also briefly discuss new insights into the dissociative elements of depressive lifestyles.
  • Finally, we will discuss why some people are more vulnerable to depression than others.


               Course Format:

               Duration              1.5 hours   

               Online                  Via MS Teams



Our fifth and final awareness session topic which will be:-  Understanding Eating Disorders


Phase 5


Whether you are an individual looking to gain knowledge for personal or professional reasons, or an employer looking for understanding eating disorder training for staff, our Micro Module in Understanding Eating Disorders course will provide key skills, knowledge and understanding surrounding the disorder. In this micromodule on eating disorders learners will cover the following topics:


  • Different types of disorders.
  • An understanding of the underlying problems which may lead to eating disorders.
  • How eating disorders can affect individuals and their families,
  • How to manage and recover from a disorder.
  • A better understanding of how society influences and impacts our approaches to food and our body image.
  • A crucial understanding of the proper methods to be used to approach the situation initially at the preventive stage as well as intervention levels if the problem has already manifested.
  • Discussion on the latest research that can enhance your competency in working with eating disorders or other eating problems.


               Course Format:

               Duration              1.5 hours   

               Online                  Via MS Teams